Modular Instructor List

Grandmaster Bram Frank has certified hundreds of instructors over the years. The list below, last update on 9/30/2019, is a complete list of recognized instructors (current and past), and the last Instructor Level they were awarded.

For a list, with contact information, of active instructors and schools that teach GM Bram Franks systems, please see our Charter School list.

Anyone else not listed here could potentially be a fraud.  CSSD/SC will not back or support those that commit falsities claiming to be CSSD/SC affiliated.  If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to report someone claiming to be affiliated with our group who may not be, please Contact Us.

Over the years, there have been many who have tried to copy and exploit Bram’s ingenuity and designs.  They have falsified truths of Bram’s trainings, provided false claims of his invention and design, have stolen valor, and abused trust.  They have all failed in their attempts to destroy his company and dream to make CSSD/SC the best it can be.

Senior Master

  • Super Dan Anderson (Oregon, USA)
  • Thomas Lehmann (Bali, Indonesia)

Master Instructor

  • Edessa Ramos (Switzerland)
  • John Ralson (Virginia, USA)

Senior Instructor

  • Christian Swann (Georgia, USA)
  • Dave Driscoll (Florida, USA)
  • Florian Lahner (Bavaria, Germany)
  • Gregg Beeman (Washington, USA)
  • Mish Handwerker (Washington, USA)
  • Amy Kirschner (Idaho, USA)

Advanced Instructor II

  • Eric Filippenko (Oregon, USA)
  • Jay Kufner (Oregon, USA)
  • Karl Kanthak (Washington, USA)

Advanced Instructor I

  • Alan Best (Oregon, USA)
  • Andrey Slozhynskyi (Crimea, Russia)
  • Avi Nardia (New York, USA)
  • Daniel Murray (Florida, USA)
  • Darren Davies (Pinner, GB)
  • Gene Villa (Washington, USA)
  • John Preston (California, USA)
  • Marco Bellani (Italy)
  • Michael Stone (New York, USA)
  • Reto Holzer (Switzerland)
  • Rick Fernadas (Florida, USA)
  • Robert Ramos (Germany)
  • Roy Harrington (Washington, USA)
  • Samir Seif (Ontario, Canada)
  • Scott Wahl (Washington, USA)
  • Sean Caldwell (Washington, USA)
  • Sharron Walters (Oregon, USA)
  • Steve Drayton (Australia)
  • Steve Shinde (British Columbia, Canada)
  • Sue Beeman (Washington, USA)
  • Sven Tenscher (Germany)
  • Tim Kashino (Arizona, USA)
  • Jason Eastman (Oregon, USA)
  • Kenny Kanthak (Washington, USA)
  • Thomas Lee (Oregon, USA)


  • Aiste Lehmann (Bosnia)
  • Alberto Friedmann (Indiana, USA)
  • Alexandr Sascha Petrov (Crimea, Russia)
  • Arnold Allen (New York, USA)
  • Avi Mor (Israel)
  • Bobby Stroup (Oregon, USA)
  • Brian Smallwood (Nevada, USA)
  • Chaim Peer (Isreal)
  • Clinton Coates (British Columbia, Canada)
  • Dave Johnson (Australia)
  • Dean Hopkins (United Kingdom)
  • Doug White (Florida, USA)
  • Gabe Harrington (Washington, USA)
  • Gary Boisen (Florida, USA)
  • Guy Hanover (Isreal)
  • Harold Guerin (Louisiana, USA)
  • Heino Weiss (Austria)
  • James Fairley (Washington, USA)
  • Jeff Whiteley (Connecticut, USA)
  • Jerome Barber
  • Jim Clifton (Florida, USA)
  • Joe Schneeweiss (Florida, USA)
  • Joe Walls (Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Joel DeGuzman (British Columbia, Canada)
  • John Eckhart (Florida, USA)
  • Johnathan Greene (Florida, USA)
  • Josh Leheny (Florida, USA)
  • Karen Payne (Oregon, USA)
  • Little Bear
  • Louis Clark (Louisiana, USA)
  • Maika Reed (Washington, USA)
  • Mark Gaitens (Scotland)
  • Michael Weissberg (Florida, USA)
  • Michelle Ralston (Mayrland, USA)
  • Mike Holcomb (Illinois, USA)
  • Moti Horenstein (Florida, USA)
  • Nick Rios (Florida, USA)
  • Nickolas Demake (Washington, USA)
  • Noel Bormann (Washington, USA)
  • Oleg Kosolapov (Crimea, Russia)
  • Oleg Orlov (Crimea, Russia)
  • Peter Roman (Florida, USA)
  • Rachel Smallwood (Navada, USA)
  • Rob Gillingham (British Columbia, Canada)
  • Robert Mann (Florida, USA)
  • Roger Agbulos (California, USA)
  • Rommel Cortezano
  • Sandro Martinelli (Italy)
  • Simona Vondrakova (Czech Republic)
  • Stephen Dougherty (Australia)
  • Steve Atlas (Washington, USA)
  • Steve Box (Florida, USA)
  • Steve Chin (Florida, USA)
  • Tim O’Rourke (Florida, USA)
  • Tim Olson
  • Tom Walters (Florida, USA)
  • Tomer Mor (Isreal)
  • Tommy Hoang (California, USA)
  • Vaughn Parkenson (British Columbia, Canada)
  • Wesley Yen (British Columbia, Canada)

Basic Instructor

  • Adam Clark
  • Alex Loff (Florida, USA)
  • Alexandr Ravilv (Crimea, Russia)
  • Amy Tams (Washington, USA)
  • Bruce Hayes (Oregon, USA)
  • Ed Schempp (Washington, USA)
  • Gordon Kelsch (Washington, USA)
  • Jeff Mueller 
  • Jeff Skalsky (Florida, USA)
  • JJ Kelly (Florida, USA)
  • Maksim Borodvliv (Crimea, Russia)
  • Mark Crupton (California, USA)
  • Rebecca Costello (Oregon, USA)
  • Sergeii Orlobv (Crimea, Russia)
  • Tatyana Melnikova (Crimea, Russia)
  • Timur Pagobko (Crimea, Russia)
  • Todd Lamb (Florida, USA)
  • Uri Fuller (Florida, USA)
  • Uri Kaffe (California, USA)

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