Becoming an Instructor

So you want to become a CSSD/SC instructor. There are a couple different ways to do this.

  1. Train for years and years by attending GM Bram Frank seminars where he awards you an instructor certification because you have proven to him that you can teach his system.
  2. Attend an instructor camp.
    • Hosted in your area, or travel to one outside of your area. Bram’s Birthday Bash is his annual instructor camp and a birthday celebration.
    • Host Bram Frank and have him teach an Instructor Camp for you.
  3. Complete the Online Modular Training Certification program. HERE

Once you are an instructor, as long as you continue training and you attend at least one Bram Frank seminar a year, your certification can be maintained. The only way to become a higher level instructor is to attend an instructor camp, however, this will not guarantee your level will be increased.

Since the Modular and CRMIPT systems are also taught to Military, Law Enforcement (LE), and Security personnel, CSSD must uphold a standard of limiting instructor certifications to an expiration date. Basic Instructor certifications expire after one year, all others expire after two. Though there are user certifications available, there are no belt ranks for the Modular and CRMIPT systems. Skill Is Rank.

Instructor Levels

  • Senior Master Instructor
  • Master Instructor
  • Senior Instructor
  • Advanced Instructor – Level II
  • Advanced Instructor – Level I
  • Instructor – Level II
  • Instructor – Level I
  • Basic Instructor


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