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Desangut - Bowie

Desangut - Bowie
Desangut - Bowie
Desangut - Bowie
Desangut - Bowie
Desangut - Bowie
Desangut - Bowie
Desangut - Bowie
Desangut - Bowie
Desangut - Bowie
Desangut - Bowie

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Desangut - Bowie

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A take on the traditional Filipino Sangut. Designed as a tactical folder by Bram Frank for Master Edessa Ramos one of the only living Sangut masters, hence the name Desangut.  This model is the first in the family of 3 original knives to be produced.

Desanguts only come in one size. Measuring 5.25 inches closed and 7.75 inches open, the Bowie Desangut has a 2.5 inch blade. It also features a 1 inch diameter Thumb Hole, and a .5 inch extender for a thumb rest / breaker made of solid steel. MSRP $125.00

And, of course, there is a matching red handled trainer drone (Not Included... unless you added it to your order)

Design / Function

  • Proud jumped lines for retention
  • “Post in the hole indexing” for forward-reverse grip changing; and for pocket retention with clip by pressing cloth around post
  • Flat spoon clip (function in clip); indexing and retention
  • BRAMP (ramp)
    • Kenetic opening; touch open within the flow of use (like turnstile) tip control in skinning, delicate work
    • Trapping, hammering, joint locks
    • For reverse upside-down braced cutting, scraping
  • Bio mechanical handle - firearm grip retention under stress; non-stoppage with water, blood, or oil; (locked 3 finger hand grip as with firearm)
  • VILL: Vision Impaired Low Light (Braille) designators type of knife: 1 - Trainer, 2 - Working tool, 3 - Live blade
  • Solid butt piece for rearward weight counter balance to blade
  • Functional thong hole


  • 8cr13Mov steel (Chinese AUS-8) @ 56-58 RK
  • Proprietary G10 Handles: Black, Desert Tan, Red/White Checkered, Digi Cami
  • Liners: Full hard steel
  • Dual access super polished pivot pin
  • Compound puzzle lock: dove tail joint into blade

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