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Desangut - Training Drone

Desangut - Training Drone
Desangut - Training Drone
Desangut - Training Drone
Desangut - Training Drone
Desangut - Training Drone
Desangut - Training Drone

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Desangut - Training Drone

Model Number: des-trainer
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Manufacturer: CSSD-SC
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A take on the traditional Filipino Sangut. Designed as a tactical folder by Bram Frank for Master Edessa Ramos one of the only living Sangut masters, hence the name Desangut.  This model is a trainer drone and is not sharp.

Desangut Drones only come in one size and one color, Red. It measures 5.25 inches closed and 7.75 inches open, the Trainer Drone Desangut has a 2.35 inch unsharpened blade. It also features a 1 inch diameter Thumb Hole, and a .5 inch extender for a thumb rest / breaker made of solid steel. MSRP $125.00

Design / Function

  • Proud jumped lines for retention
  • “Post in the hole indexing” for forward-reverse grip changing; and for pocket retention with clip by pressing cloth around post
  • Flat spoon clip (function in clip); indexing and retention
  • BRAMP (ramp)
    • Kenetic opening; touch open within the flow of use (like turnstile) tip control in skinning, delicate work
    • Trapping, hammering, joint locks
    • For reverse upside-down braced cutting, scraping
  • Bio mechanical handle - firearm grip retention under stress; non-stoppage with water, blood, or oil; (locked 3 finger hand grip as with firearm)
  • VILL: Vision Impaired Low Light (Braille) designators type of knife: 1 - Trainer, 2 - Working tool, 3 - Live blade
  • Solid butt piece for rearward weight counter balance to blade
  • Functional thong hole


  • 8cr13Mov steel (Chinese AUS-8) @ 56-58 RK
  • Proprietary G10 Handles: Black, Desert Tan, Red/White Checkered, Digi Cami
  • Liners: Full hard steel
  • Dual access super polished pivot pin
  • Compound puzzle lock: dove tail joint into blade

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