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International Shipping APO

International Shipping APO
International Shipping APO

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International Shipping APO

Model Number: international-shipping-apo
Maximum quantity exceeded
Minimum purchase amount of 0 is required
Maximum purchase amount of 0 is allowed
Manufacturer: CSSD-SC
  • Description

Adding this option to your cart will pay additional fees relating to any extra international shipping fees we must incur.  Because of the current COVID situation, the United States Postal Service cannot guarantee when a package will arrive.  We have had several shipments take months.  Due to this, we will not be responsible for dealing with the USPS and we will not be offering refunds without proof an item was lost or stolen.

In addition, you agree and understand to take full responsibility with customs if there is an issue with your shipment.  We do what we can to ship your product properly, and will not ship to a country that we are aware will not allow our tools being imported.  However, if your items are seized by customs, we will not offer a refund nor we will deal with customs.

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