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The MySo (pronounced MEYE-SOE) is an updated design of the Sico by Mantis, featuring a modified kipis/reverse S Persian sweep edge.  Also unique to this knife is the Black color bonding to its blade, liner, clip, and screws.

The Myso comes in three (3) sizes, MINI, STANDARD and MAGNUM.

  • The Mini measures 4 inches closed, and 6.75 inches open, with a 2.75 inch blade.  MSRP is $100.00
  • Standard Size measures 4.25 inches closed, and 7.125 inches open, with a 2.875 inch blade.  MSRP is $125.00
  • The Magnum measures 5 inches closed, and 8.125 inches open, with a 3.125 inch blade.  MSRP is $150.00

It also comes in three (3) colors - Pink, Black/Pink, and Black/Tan

This knife currently does not have matching trainer drones.

Design / Function

  • Black color bonded blades, liners, clips, and screws
  • Proud jumped lines for retention
  • “Post in the hole indexing” for forward-reverse grip changing; and for pocket retention with clip by pressing cloth around post
  • Flat spoon clip (function in clip); indexing and retention
  • BRAMP (ramp)
    • Kenetic opening; touch open within the flow of use (like turnstile) tip control in skinning, delicate work
    • Trapping, hammering, joint locks
    • For reverse upside-down braced cutting, scraping
  • Bio mechanical handle - firearm grip retention under stress; non-stoppage with water, blood, or oil; (locked 3 finger hand grip as with firearm)
  • VILL: Vision Impaired Low Light (Braille) designators type of knife: 1 - Trainer, 2 - Working tool, 3 - Live blade
  • Solid butt piece for rearward weight counter balance to blade
  • Functional thong hole


  • 8cr13Mov steel (Chinese AUS-8) @ 56-58 RK
  • Proprietary G10 Handles
  • Liners: Full hard steel
  • Dual access super polished pivot pin
  • Compound puzzle lock: dove tail joint into blade

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